Unparalleled Recruitment Company Software

Primo Time is the culmination of Accentra’s rich experience in the UK Contracting and Recruitment industry and its three decades of experience in delivering Payroll & Financials solutions. A sleek interface, a well-defined workflow and a powerful task manager will make sure that your contractors get paid and the clients billed accurately and on time every week.

Powerful tools for Recruitment Companies

These features set apart Primo Time from the rest:

  • Unique Task Manager Screen to track, monitor and control critical processes
  • Smart Rule Manager to customize your own business rules
  • Limited company self-bill reconciliation
  • Client Self-Billing Validation
  • Embedded PAYE Module with RTI compliance (Professional edition)
  • Document Repository for Reports and Documents (Professional edition)
  • Portal access to Clients, Candidates and Consultants (Professional edition)
  • Unique Period Reconciliation
  • Embedded Financials (Enterprise edition)

Core features

Primo Time includes these features that we know you cannot do without in a middle-office system:

  • Powerful Timesheet Chaser
  • Consultant Alerts
  • Online Timesheet Submission and Approval
  • Batch Timesheet Entry option
  • Margin Reports by Consultants, Clients and Branches
  • Sales Reports by Consultants, Clients and Branches
  • Purchase Reports by Consultants, Clients and Branches
  • AWR Compliance

Middle-office magic

One thing we remembered while designing Primo Time is the fact that a middle office system can only be efficient if it can accept data from the Front office system. A flexible set of API tools are available to integrate with most front office systems. It’s also possible to import front office data from CSV files. But the best part is, Primo Time makes no assumption that the front data office will be accurate or complete and suitable for the middle office processing. Besides standard validations, it allows you to set-up a series of rules based on your business practice. These rules will be applied on the data received from the front office and failures will be published for you to make appropriate corrections.

Efficiency and control

Workflow and procedural control are the keys to the success of any middle office processing. Primo Time makes sure your team follow the steps and rules from timesheet approval to paying and billing. Once you have set the rules, nothing escapes the attention of the system.