Powerful, compliant payroll software in the cloud

Primo Payroll is a powerful online payroll system that makes managing payroll responsibilities a breeze. Besides offering a sleek interface, total control and compliance with every single HMRC requirement – including RTI and P6/P9 notifications – it offers a truly unique auto-enrolment solution that massively simplifies your AE compliance obligations.

Fully automated Auto-Enrolment

Primo Payroll is the first ever payroll software in the UK that automates every element of Auto-Enrolment for you. It’s so automatic that, the employer can get away without knowing any of the otherwise tedious compliance tasks. The software links directly to Smart Pension, a leading pension provider, right from signing up to submitting day-to-day data to the pension system. There is not a bit of data to be exported or imported manually because all data synchronization happens in the background while you do your routine payroll processing. This means that there are no compliance risks, penalties, or any of those exasperating admin tasks. In other words, its compliance made easy!

Fast, intuitive payroll software

  • New Starter to Payslip in 60 seconds
  • Intuitive workflow
  • A modern, clutter-free interface
  • Customizable and Branded Payslips
  • Built-in Auto-Enrolment module that integrates with the Pension provider system
  • First class support.

Payroll bureau features

If you are a payroll bureau service provider, it enables you to protect your clients with automated alerts and notifications all the way through.

  • Automated alerts for critical Payroll Deadlines
  • Global notification panel for Auto Enrolment Timelines
  • Global dashboard for HMRC deadlines
  • Bulk cross-company RTI processing
  • Global P6/P9 and Student Loan Notifications
  • Client Communication Module
  • Client Billing Module

Visit the Primo Payroll website to find out more and start your free 30-day trial.


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